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Today : Jul 25, 2024
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IEA 2024 Early Registration Closed
LG Electronics Becomes Main Sponsor for IEA 2024 in Jeju, Emphasizing Ergonomics
Deadline extended - Author registration(~June 30, 2024)
Full Paper Submission and Poster Guidelines
Key Dates
* All deadlines are at 23:59 PM, Korean Standard Time (UTC+09:00).
Full Paper Submission (optional)
May 24, 2024
May 31, 2024 (Extended)
Poster Submission (optional)
June 1 – 30, 2024
Author Registration
June 23, 2024
June 30, 2024 (Extended)
Regular Registration
July 6 – August 11, 2024
Exhibition Registration
July 4 – July 26, 2024
Prof. Dr. José Orlando Gomes
President of International Ergonomics & Human Factors Association (IEA)
Jung Sik Lee
Minister of Employment and Labor, Republic of Korea
Prof. Myung Hwan Yun
Professor, Department of Industrial Engineering, Seoul National University
Prof. Sang-ho Kim
Professor, Industrial Engineering Department at Kumoh National Institute of Technology
President, Ergonomics Society of Korea(ESK)
Prof. Seong Kyu Kang
ICOH President, Gacheon University
I. P. Park
President, LG Science Park
Dr. Bernard Martin
Emeritus Professor in the Department of Industrial and Operation Engineering at the University of Michigan
Jochen Eckardt
Specialist Consultant for Ergonomics at the BGHM - a Legal Accident Insurance Institution in Germany
Christoph Preusse
Leader of the section on crosslinking information, BGHM
Dr. Jonathan Earthy
Principal Human Factors Specialist at LR Marine&Offshore, Lloyd's Register
Dr. Shengli Niu
Senior Specialist in Occupational Health at the Headquarters of the International Labour Organization (ILO)
Dr. Koon Ho Rha
Director of NAVER Healthcare Lab, Korea
Dr. Gary Allen Mirka
University Professor and John Ryder Professor in the Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering at Iowa State University
Dr. Wei Zhang
Professor of the Department of Industrial Engineering, Tsinghua University
Dr. Wonhee LEE
President of Hankyong National University
Dr. Andris Freivalds
Lucas Professor (Retired), Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, The Pennsylvania State University
Dr. Yoon Kyoo Kang
President of the Korea National Rehabilitation Center
Dr. Xudong Zhang
Professor of Industrial & Systems Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Biomedical Engineering at Texas A&M University
Prof. John Zimmerman
Tang Family Professor of Artificial Intelligence and Human-Computer Interaction at Carnegie Mellon University
Dr. Jacob Chen
Former Hon Hai (Foxconn) Board Member and Chairman of Smart Technologies
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