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Submission Deadlines and Notifications
What is the deadline for submission?
For oral presentation and poster proposals: The deadline for Round 1 is Oct 31, 2023. The deadline for Round 2 is Feb 29, 2024. For special session proposals, the deadline is Feb 29, 2024
What is the difference between Round 1 and Round 2?
For oral presentations and posters, there are two proposal submission periods, Round 1 and Round 2, during which proposals can be submitted. There is no difference between submitting in Round 1 or 2 other than the date of the acceptance notification.
Is the full paper submission by April 15, 2024, for both rounds?
Yes, you may submit a proposal in Round 1 or Round 2 and submit a full paper, if you choose, by April 15, 2024.
What are Special Sessions and when are the proposals due?
For special session proposals, please visit the page below. Special submission proposals are due by Feb 29, 2024.
What is the timeline for submitting the additional materials for the posters?
After the proposal for a poster is accepted, there will be no more additional materials for the posters to be submitted.
Submission Format
What is the difference between submitting “Proposal Only” and “Proposal and Full Paper?”
Submitting a full paper allows for the paper to be published in the proceedings. Submitting only a proposal would mean after the proposal is accepted, you would present that proposal at the conference. Full papers undergo a rigorous review process (anonymous, double-blinded), and only those that meet the standards are included in the conference proceedings (Springer Books).
What format should the proposal be in?
We have posted a proposal template for the submissions on the Call for Papers page, as well as the EasyChair submission site. It is recommended that authors stick to the proposal template.
For the proposal templates, what sections fall under the limitation of the maximum word count of 900 words?
The maximum word count is for the whole proposal, excluding only the title of the proposal, summative statement, keywords, and references sections.
Should I choose the general proposal template or practitioner’s proposal template? Is there a certain requirement for using the practitioner’s template?
There is no requirement for using the practitioner’s template, please select the proposal template that is more adequate for the objective of your proposal.
Full Paper Submissions
What is the template for the full paper? How long should the full paper be?
It is recommended that authors submit papers that are 4 to 8 pages in length. However, the specific templates and forms regarding the full paper submissions will be made available promptly upon the completion of the publishing agreement.
Other Questions
How many proposals can one registered author submit or present? Can one author submit 2 proposals and present them both, if accepted?
The number of submissions per author is not limited. However, you must have one distinct author (co-authors also count) registered for each proposal. One author may present both proposals.
What is name of the conference proceedings (Springer Books)? Will the proceedings would be Scopus-indexed?
The IEA2024 Organizing Committee is currently in the final stages of the publishing agreement with Springer for the IEA2024 proceedings to be published in a Scopus-indexed book series.