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Special Sessions
We welcome proposals for special sessions encompassing diverse areas of Human Factors and Ergonomics at IEA2024. These special sessions aim to create a platform for focused discussions on new topics or innovative applications within established approaches. Potential subjects may include emerging or persistent problems, development of research agendas, networking to identify common interests and possibilities for cooperation, analysis of domain problems with domain experts, contests focused on specific visualization problems, and more.

The submission details and application form will be available soon on the IEA2024 website.
Types of Special Sessions
Workshop The objective of this program is to share specific knowledge and engage the audience in developing their skills.
Symposium This program involves a collection of at least four papers, possibly accompanied by group discussions. The coordinators are responsible for recruiting papers for symposia. Symposia may extend over multiple 90-minute time slots if needed, and proposals should indicate such requirements.
Panel Discussion Panel Discussion: In this program, a group of knowledgeable participants discusses a given issue. If audience participation is intended, it can be labeled as an "interactive" panel discussion. Panel participants should be identified in advance by the coordinators.
HFE-x Session Inspired by TEDx conferences, this program consists of short talks on HFE topics, broader in scope than traditional research or practice papers. The format allows for a maximum of 18 minutes per speaker, without an audience question-and-answer period. Other formats can be suggested in proposals.
Alternative Forms Participants are encouraged to propose interesting events, simulations, "game-show" style activities, or any other engaging activity that might interest the conference attendees.
Key Dates
* Korean Standard Time (UTC+09:00)
Proposal Submission Due - February 29, 2024
Acceptance Notification - November 30, 2023 (1st round), March 15, 2024 (2nd round)
Full paper submission due (if applicable) - April 15, 2024